Home Crawl Space Moisture Barrier

Wet, possibly water-logged...

Dirty, covered in trash...

Moldy, rotten... smelly, disgusting...

Or Worse: Humidity rots the exposed metal and cracks the Foundation!! (see picture above)

Nobody wants to look at their Crawl-Space...

But look what happens if you don't!!  ===>>

"But what happened? Don't I have vents down there?" People ask.

Actually: even though vents are supposed to allow the damp & moisture to air-out, In Fact vents instead let more moisture in! Plus termites, carpenter ants, rodents, and other pests...


You May Have a Mold Problem!

How could that be? Easy- Mold just needs two (2) things to grow: organic material (eg, the wood in your home), and water.

Since replacing all your wood with non-organic material (eg synthetic or metal building materials) is prohibitively expensive, we focus on getting rid of the moisture &/or water in your crawl-space...

Worse- mold can grow even if there isn't standing pools of water in your crawl-space or basement! And when there's enough humidity for mold to grow, all the spores will propagate through your house, aggravating anyone with allergies or asthma, not to mention creating a 'musty' odor which tends to 'bug' everyone.


Fixing this is straightforward:

  1. Clean-Up the Crawl Space
  2. Seal-off the moisture with a Moisture Barrier
  3. Install any perimeter drains and/or sump pumps as needed

Thus: not only will your home's structural integrity be protected from rot, but your home's air quality will improve, you'll save $$ on heating and cooling costs, -&- Bonus: the resale value of your home will be optimized as well!


Crawl Space Clean-Up

First, we'll clean-up your crawl-space, removing any junk or trash that has accumulated.

Next, we'll smooth-down the retaining walls, to ensure nothing could puncture the moisture-barrier.

Then, we'll install our 20-mil thick polyethylene moisture-barrier, using non-bio-degradable plastic anchors and/or polyurethane caulking. Non-bio-degradable means: it will last longer than your house!

This will keep your home and (wooden) structure completely separate from both the bare ground, as well as any humidity or even moisture that can 'seep' in. This will both help keep any mold from growing, as well as help keep out any termites, carpenter ants, rodents, and other pests...

Note the brightness of the new polyethylene moisture-barrier-- this helps you visually confirm that no new moisture, mold, insects, pests, or even dirt is accumulating over time...

And Bonus: our 20-mil thick polyethylene moisture-barrier is strong enough to crawl on, so now you have no worries about anyone causing any rips or tears... In fact, you can even use your moisture-barrier'ed crawl space as a storage area!


Our Warranty

We provide a one (1) year free replacement of the sump-pump. This includes Installation fees, etc.

We provide a five (5) year guarantee on workmanship, and a twenty (20) year guarantee on the materials (piping, moisture barrier polyethylene, etc.)




As an independent contractor we are dedicated to providing exceptional services at affordable prices.