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Moisture Barrier Systems

Wet, possibly water-logged… Dirty, covered in trash… Moldy, rotten… smelly, disgusting… Or Worse, humidity rots the exposed metal and cracks the Foundation!! Nobody wants to look at their Crawl-Space… But look what happens if you don’t!! “But what happened? Don’t I have vents down there?” People ask. Actually: even though vents are supposed to allow […]

Moisture Barrier Systems   

Sump Pump Installation

Do I Need a Sump Pump System? In general, if there’s a significant moisture problem in your Crawl-Space or Basement, you do need a Sump Pump. Modern sump pumps are extremely reliable and the ones we install are rated to work without problems for many, many years. The standard cast-iron 1/3hp Zoeller pump we install […]

Sump Pump Installation   

Water Removal

What’s the first things everyone thinks of, when thinking about Basements? Basements smell musty, and they leak. You need a sump-pump, which is loud, and can fail. Basement Before & After “So why” You ask, “would I want to bother with any of this? Isn’t the only way of stopping water from getting in my basement, is to […]

Water Removal   

Keep your home safe with an affordable moisture barrier installation. Call us today!

  • “… I have wireless humidity sensors in the crawl space and noticed that the humidity was down from 85% to 62%, it really works! The crawl space is clean and healthy now.”

    Sheng H., Los Gatos

  • “Allergies solved! For years every winter I had congestion that would last for months. After Ernesto and his team fixed the water under my house, no more allergies, no more congestion. Thanks Again Ernesto!”

     Jeffrey P., San Carlos

  • “… our heating bills went through the roof and our hardwood floors were ice cold all day & night… [found] 1) no insulation 2) an ice cold draft from the 15 oversized vents in the foundation and 3) standing water… They completed the job in an exceptional and very professional manner…”

    Matthias L., Pleasanton

  • “My house no longer smells nor has the moisture issues from under the house.  I should have done this when I bought my house.  Ernesto and his crew saved my house.  I am giving him 10 STARS!   This is the best present you could give yourself and your family.”

    San Carlos B., San Carlos

  • “Our crawlspace is always damp when it rains.  We live on the hill, and water seepage makes the dirt in our crawlspace damp all time… Our crawlspace is (now) dry, bright and clean.  We’ve regained a lot more storage space…”                                                                                        

    John P., Redwood City

  • “The smell is gone now and the crawlspace looks great – I even went down there myself after they were done to check things out. It was so clean I stayed in there for hours! No more humidity smell! Thanks Ernesto!”

    Diego N., San Rafael

  • “Ernesto is pleasant to work with, punctual to appointments, and his crew is hard-working, conscientious and diligent to detail.”

    Tyson S., Conscious Construction, Emeryville

  • “The musty odor is gone now and I can finally get in to the crawlspace myself to check on the underneath side of the house for any h-vac, plumbing, or any other issues.”

    b.c., Palo Alto

  • “He gave me some very good, free advice. He tells you what he thinks and looks out for your best interest: believe me you don’t want anything other than that.”

    David C., Oakland

Our Warranty

25- year guarantee on the materials (piping, moisture barrier polyethylene, etc.)

10 year free replacement of the sump-pump, which includes installation fees

5 year guarantee on workmanship