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Crawl Space Moisture Control in San Rafael, Ca

Some Ways To Do It

Moisture in a crawl space is, to put it mildly, very bad. Moisture, along with other factors like inadequate ventilation, leads to the growth of mold. Mold in a crawl space is dangerous for two reasons. First off, certain types of mold can get into the wood and cause structural damage by causing the wood to rot. Secondly, mold in the crawl space is more hazardous than mold in other places in the house, because air rises from the crawl space, meaning that spores and odors from the mold will be carried up into other areas of the home. For these reasons, it is essential that the amount of moisture in your crawl space be kept under control. If you are stuck wondering what you can do to prevent moisture from getting into your crawl space, here are some methods to help keep crawl space moisture under control.


Dehumidifiers are typically used to dry out a crawl space after flooding or a major leak. But, they can also double as a permanent way of keeping your crawl space moisture free. Simply figure out how large the dehumidifier needs to be; if you aren’t sure what size you need, simply measure out your crawl space and consider how serious the moisture issues are, then go from there. It is also worth noting that if you do plan to regularly use a dehumidifier, you should get a model that has a built-in drainage system, so that you aren’t constantly emptying out the dehumidifier.

Ensure adequate ventilation

One of the best ways of keeping crawl space moisture under control is to ensure that your crawl space is properly ventilated. The rule of thumb when it comes to crawl spaces is that for every 150 sq. feet of crawl space there should be at least 1 sq. feet of ventilation. Generally, you are also going to want to keep both the crawl space itself clear and the area outside the clear to ensure proper cross ventilation. So, make sure your crawl space is reasonably free from clutter and debris. Also, make sure you clear bushes and other debris outside the house, to ensure good airflow. If you take steps to ensure that your crawl space is always properly vented, then you should never have problems with moisture.

Installing a fan

If you are seriously concerned about moisture getting into your crawl space, then you might want to consider having a crawl space fan system installed. These fans can help move air throughout the crawl space, which does help fight against moisture. But, before installing a fan system in your crawl space, you should know that not all the relevant experts agree that fan systems help keep a crawl space dry. Some experts assert that fan systems encourage the growth of moisture by drawing humid air into the crawl space. Ultimately experts are divided, so before making any decisions, consult with the relevant experts and do some research.

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