Sump Pump in Lafayette, CA

Sump Pump in Lafayette, Ca

What It Is And Why It May Be One Of The Most Important Appliances In The House

For people who have a basement or crawl space that suffers from excessive moisture or who live in an area prone to flooding or receiving large amounts of rain, a sump pump can end up being one of the most important appliances in any home.

What are they and how do they work?

Sump pumps are appliances that are installed in basements or crawl spaces and are designed to remove water. The way they work is quite simple. Large holes are specifically built under the basement or crawl space. The water drains into these holes. Inside the holes are special devices called “float switches,” which are used to detect the level of water in the hole. As the amount of water rises, the float switch is activated. The sump pump then starts moving water out of the hole, and through the discharge pipe. Sump pumps run entirely on electricity.

You can probably already guess why sump pumps are so important; flooding is a huge problem for some homes, and sump pumps help prevent basements and crawl spaces from being ruined by flooding. At the same time, sump pumps also help prevent other issues too, for example by preventing moisture from seeping into basements and crawl spaces, sump pumps help protect against mold and other fungi, which can cause both health problems and structural damage.

How to get one?

Sump pumps can be found easily in almost any hardware store. Installation can range from being very easy to being a bit trickier. If you already have a sump pump hole built in your basement or crawl space, and you are good with your hands, then you could probably install the sump pump yourself. Otherwise, it is best to call a licensed professional to come install the sump pump. You want to make sure the sump pump installed correctly, since if it isn’t, you could end up paying for it by having your basement or crawl space flood.

Regular upkeep

It is also worth keeping in mind that sump pumps require pretty regular upkeep. First off, sump pumps generally do not give off any warning signs if they fail, so it is necessary to occasionally check the motor and make sure the sump pump is still running. A common trick is to empty some water directly into the hole and see if the sump pump starts up.

As with any pump, the sump pump needs to be regularly cleaned, since there is a good chance that rocks and other debris may get stuck in the pump and reduce its effectiveness.

Motor failure is also an issue to watch out for, especially if the sump pump is being forced to work overtime because of a sudden increase in rainfall. It is a good idea to keep a backup power source close by in case the sump pump’s motor fails.

Finally, the float switch can also get stuck, which will prevent the sump pump from working correctly. So it is a good idea to do regular checks to ensure that the float switch is working correctly.

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